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Look here for gift suggestions and other items that might not fit intuitively in one of our other categories. Shown is our Tub Tea.

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All Natural Body Butter Solid

When you need extra emollient, extra softening, extra zeal, you must try this one.


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All Natural Lip Balm

Treat your lips with a superior blend of No-Soy conditioning oils.


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Bath Soak: Bulgarian Lavender

This soak is for the true Lavender lover.


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Bath Soak: Chocolate Mint

There is nothing more worthy of a delicious soak than organic Cacao partnered with our own naturally grown Chocolate Mint.


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Bath Soak: Coconut Lemon

This is the soak for the person needing a tropical vacation!


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Bath Soak: Rose Geranium

Our fantastic Bath Soak incorporates dry goat milk, dead sea salt, Himalayan Pink Salt, Magnesium Sulfate, Rose Geranium Essential Oil, dried rose petals.


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Bug Off

Don't Deet yourself, treat yourself to our all-natural insect repellent that really works.


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Divine Canine Goat Milk Soap

Pampering shouldn’t miss your sweet pup.


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Shaving Brush

Our shaving brushes have natural Badger bristles and an Ivory colored comfort grip handle.


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Soap Dishes

Beautiful hand crafted, custom soap dishes.


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Tub Tea

Experience luxury in the tub without the clean-up.


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Vogue Goat Milk Soap

This stunningly beautiful bar embodies a French vacation.


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