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Won't you please contact us to tell us about your experience with our products?

Honolulu, HI
My cousin sent me your soap and lotion for a Christmas gift several years ago. Here I am placing another order… I am hooked!!! Forever yours.

I own a health food store and have carried several handmade soaps, never have my customers and I been so impressed with size, quality and long lastingness of any soap. Thank you so much for your devotion to quality and your customer’s health and well being!

Hattiesburg, MS
I have tried so many handmade soaps and goat milk soaps. Yours is by far the best ever! The large bars last so much longer than commercial soap. The quality is the best. My customers love using it and are proud to give it as gifts!

Albany, NY
We have used drug store liquid soap for years and really didn’t want to use a bar soap. We are so glad we did! This is amazing. Even my husband comments that his skin is not tight and itchy after showering. And, no chemicals, all natural!

Newark, NJ
I received your soap as a gift. I was hooked from the first shower! I want to carry it in my salon. My customers have gone crazy over the samples I gave them.

San Diego, CA
Your night butter is amazing!! After just one week of use, my skin looks like I have had “work” done! I look 10 years younger! Thank you, thank you!!!

Booneville, MS
WOW, I can’t believe the difference in my skin texture after using your Night Butter. My deep wrinkles are less visible and my fine lines around my eyes are almost gone! Even the puffiness under my eyes is reduced. This is amazing that natural oils and plants can do this!

Vicksburg, MS
My husband had foot surgery and the doctor was concerned that the medications were not working to reduce the pain and swelling. He gave my husband a jar of your foot butter and within a very short time, the pain was reduced and the swelling was down. We need two jars, one for us and one for the doctor!

Columbus, MS
I am 80 years old and my husband received your foot butter as a gift. He has terrible pain in his feet from neuropathy. He loves when I rub it on his feet. He says it really helps reduce the pain and swelling. I have noticed that when I rub it on him, my arthritis in my hands is GONE!!! Could we order a larger jar???

Tyler, TX
I met you at a goat convention and was very skeptical about the benefits of the foot butter. Now, I am a sold and devoted foot butter addict! Can I order a larger jar?

Tishomingo, MS
I purchased some peppermint soap and if you are tired and need a lift use this soap in a hot bath and it is amazing. I'm glad we got to meet and I'm really glad we live close to each other.

St. Louis/Hillsboro, MO
I purchased a bar of Delta Cotton today at a little ice cream/antique historical home in Caledonia, Mo. Wonderful stuff!! :) Cant wait to go back for more :)

Marietta, GA
Your products are amazing! I have always suffered from eczema and very dry skin. I also HAD cancer. The chemo just tore my skin up. My skin would crack and peel. The prescription cream only helped somewhat. I have been using your soap and lotion and wouldn't use anything else. My Dr. and my plastic surgeon are amazed with the improvement in my skin. (I am sure they will be ordering too!) I hope my message helps even one person. Thank you so much!

Your products are just fantastic. I have a rare skin disorder and have only used prescription products for years. I continued to suffer with itchy, rashes. I heard about goat milk being a great healer, so I tried your products. Even my doctor is amazed with how wonderful my skin is!

Sulligent, AL
I saw your display 1-10-09, used your hand lotion. Quite frankly, didn't quite believe your claim, but after several handwashings, I'm convert! Still soft and smooth after one sample use. Send me TWO of them!

Steens, MS
My daughter purchased your soap and lotion for me at Tupelo, and I am in love! I have keratosis pilaris (irritation of the hair folicles) and no prescription has ever helped as well as these products! I also work in the healthcare field and needed an unscented lotion... another perfect match for me. Keep the great products coming!

Memphis, TN
I got this product about 2 weeks ago and was a little iffy. I have been suffering for an allergic reaction to Sulfate for about 2 years now and soap is a big issue for me. This product has just made my life so much better... no more special creams or lotions because of break out bc of my soap. Thanks so much! Socking stuffers here i come!

Memphis, TN
Praises to you for such a wonderful product. My daughter purchased some your soap at the Farmer's Market. For years she has suffered with eczema and nothing would give her relief. Even the steroids didn’t help any longer. She started using your soap and the eczema has begun to clear up! Oct 25, 2007 (They are still devoted customers today!)

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